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I had champagne ready on election night. I thought America was back. But Obama, he didn't close Guantanamo Bay. He says we pulled out of Iraq, but if you look into it you'll see we traded reserve soldiers for contractors. Guns for hire.

Is This Where Libertarians and the Gay Community Part Ways? - Hit & Run :

And now they're ramping up rhetoric against Iran! Like it or not, more and more young Americans are thinking just like Danny and Matt. A recent Harvard Institute of Politics poll found that many young voters are embracing libertarian ideals, perhaps without even realizing it. At the same time, these voters backed away from social and neo-conservative ideals: Over the past decade young Americans have been jerked around under the leadership of both political parties: But will their angst and anger end up meaning anything?

I posed the question to John Zogby, a veteran political pollster. They were essential in because their turnout increased dramatically, and he got their support by a factor of two to one. So it was a bigger pie in general, and Obama got a bigger piece of it. And so instead of Obama getting 66 percent of the young vote, the poll I did in May had him at 46 percent, and if that keeps up it could be disastrous.

But it is possible that some could be siphoned off by Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party presidential candidate. In the long run things are a bit foggier. Emily Ekins, a research fellow at the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank, and the director of polling at the Reason Foundation, has been studying the voting habits of young voters. And where political reality could break down, she says, is over social issues.

"One sane voice fighting tons of nonsense."

Ekins tracked self-identified conservatives under the age of 35 on social, fiscal, and foreign policy issues using data dating back to Over time, they remained fiscally conservative, but grew more and more socially liberal—a classic libertarian mix. So what we've seen is something like a permanent shift, starting now, over social issues. Wasted Life - Meet the Republicans.

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"The government sucks and gay marriage is cool." - The Kids

I'll tell that to everyone at my next party meeting. Don't cry when all the decisions are made by the people who show up.

Presidential Candidates on Same-Sex Marriage

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I am a Gay Conservative, And I Think It's Time You Met Me

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    'Dating Freedom Lovers,' InfoWars's Relationship Site, Will Tickle Your Libertarian Fancy

    Everyone I know who calls themselves this. Also, no anarchists either. No thank you. Also I don't see how a libertarian could stand being around me so its a moot point. That's why I'm a liberal despite disagreeing with a lot of liberal ideas. They stupid as fuck. A libertarian paternalist, tho?