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Choices Counseling specializing in issues related to sexual orientation, sexuality, gender identity and expression: Project SHAPE is a peer education program that offers sexuality education and sexual health promotion. For resources you can contact a representative at or email GSRC albany. UAlbany is a bystander intervention training program developed by the University Counseling Center for more information you can contact Heidi Wright, Psy. What is perhaps less commonly known is that the skills taught at these workshops can be used in just about any situation in which there is conflict, controversy, or where people hold widely disparate beliefs.

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For more information contact D. Ekow King at or by email at dking albany. Our campus provides a multitude of resources available to LGBT students to aid them in coming out, or anything else they might need help with. This includes a student support group through the University Counseling Center, several student groups on campus and the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center. Gender Inclusive Housing is available across campus. Gender Inclusive Restrooms are positioned across campus, in recreation facilities, in residence halls, the downtown campus, east campus and auxiliary buildings.

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Check out our Interactive Campus Map for bathrooms across camus. This is an acronym referring to two separate entities; sexual orientation and gender identity.

Curriculum & Inclusion

Even though they are grouped in this way it is critically important to understand the distinction between the two. Sexual orientation refers to the gender or genders one is attracted to; while gender identity refers to the gender or genders we are. We all have a sexual orientation and a gender identity and knowing one does not predict the other. T stands for Transgender. This is an umbrella term used for persons whose gender identity differs from the gender they were assigned at birth. Transgender is not a sexual orientation. Transgender people may have any sexual orienttion: Q stands for Queer.

This is most often an umbrella term used to refer to all LGBT people. It can be a political statement which advocates breaking binary thinking and seeing gender identity as fluid. It can also be a label to explain a complex set of sexual behaviors and desires; e.

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I stands for Intersex, a medical condition that results in ambiguous assignment of sex at birth. A stands for Ally, someone who identifies as heterosexual and cisgender and is in support of civil rights and equality for members of the LGBTQ community. They do not feel an erotic or sexual attraction to others.

P stands for Pansexual.

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Pansexual refers to the potential for sexual attraction and desire, romantic love and emotional attraction to persons of all gender identities and biological sexes. This would include people who fall in the binaries of male and female and everyone who falls in between the binaries; e. Transgender is an umbrella term used for someone whose gender identity differs from the sex they were assigned at birth. Or whose gender expression transgresses the societal expectations of their gender role based on their assigned sex at birth.

Transgender people may have any sexual orientation: Transgender persons may feel their assigned sex at birth does not reflect their true gender identity and may change their body through hormones or surgery to align their external image with their internal identity. However It can also be someone who may fit our perceptions of maleness but actually identify as female. Both accounting and business administration majors are credit majors, as opposed to the normal credit variety.

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Students are also permitted to combine concentrations. An honors program in Financial Analysis was created in the early s. The program works with the Institute for Financial Market Regulation, a cooperative project of professionals involved in financial market regulation and supervision from UAlbany who develop interdisciplinary research and education in the field.

The program concentrates upon four fields: Business, Technology, Law, and Public Policy. The MBA has at its core the design and application of information systems for business and industry as well as the generation and effective use of information.

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The tax and accounting programs emphasize the use of accounting as a decision support system that manages the flow of economic data to all parts of a business. Robertson Associates. Small Business Administration. The new School of Business building was unveiled on August 19, , at a ceremony attended by state officials, community business leaders, and university faculty, staff, and students.

UAlbany's School of Criminal Justice offers programs in criminal justice on the bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels. The school concentrates on crime and societal reactions to crime, including the political, economic and cultural patterns that influence policy choices on the response to crime. A focus of study is the social and personal forces that lead to criminal conduct and the analysis of the organization and operation of crime control systems.

Particular emphasis is placed on the interactions among the many agencies which comprise criminal justice systems. The legacy of the University at Albany, State University of New York began with devotion to the enhancement of education quality and practice. Founded as the New York Normal School of Teachers in , with David Perkins Page as its first principal, the institution was the state's first public institution of higher learning.

What protections might be afforded to me if I decide to transition or come out?

The School of Education became a reality that year as part of a multidisciplinary university center. It remained the home of the original teacher training programs and faculty, including, from until its closing in , the Milne School , the university's campus laboratory school where prospective teachers carried out their practice teaching. Since , the school has grown in size and scope.

It is home to 1, graduate students in more than 30 master's, certificate and doctoral degree programs housed within four departments: It now offers only graduate-level degree programs. The school is home to 15 centers and institutes which aid Capital Region schools and research educational issues.

The College of Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security and Cybersecurity CEHC , created in , offers interdisciplinary academic programs for undergraduate and graduate students in fields designed to protect against, respond to, and recover from a growing array of natural and man-made risks and threats in New York State and around the world. Research will be conducted by CEHC faculty and also through faculty-student collaborations and cross-disciplinary research groups. Training programs will be offered to current homeland security and emergency preparedness professionals.

In , the college participated in the New York Excelsior Challenge, a three-and-a half day training event. The Excelsior Challenge consists of training exercises designed to help first responders improve their response capabilities. Its mission is to provide education, research, service and leadership to improve public health and eliminate health disparities.

Research interests of the more than doctoral-level faculty include AIDS , GIS , maternal and child health, hospital epidemiology , infectious diseases , environmental and occupational health , eldercare , minority health and health disparities. Both research faculty and students benefit from additional affiliations with Albany Medical Center and Bassett Healthcare.

The School of Social Welfare SSW , created in , boasts a faculty that consistently ranks among the top five schools of social work in the U.

: What do I do if a friend, or even my roommate, comes out to me?

The school offers bachelor, masters and Ph. Recent linkages have included those with an Albany elementary school challenged by poverty, an outlier regional community comprising one of the largest Latino populations in the state, Hallym University in South Korea, and multiple partners in South African, South America and western and eastern Europe. Hallmarks of the school include its dedication in the area of gerontological social work, the creation of aging friendly communities, the improvement of pathways to higher education for inner city youth and families, the creation of family support agendas for the region, and re-professionalization campaigns in child welfare.

Other features include the Center for Human Services Research, the Social Work Education Consortium — which addresses child welfare and welfare workforce development and research — and the T. Center, devoted to aiding the development of electronic communication capacity within human service agencies. Planning for the Honors College began in and first accepted students in fall Its mission is to create a "small college experience" by fostering and encouraging the creation of closely knit cohorts of motivated students.

The Honors College seeks to increase faculty-student interaction early in a student's stay at the university. The Honors College comprises coursework, research, internships, and field-placements.