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Former director Bence said such existential insecurity exists among Hungarian gays that keeps them from coordinating a more focused community and demanding their rights. A second significant case worked its way through the legal system. Budapest is famous for its many watering holes where people take off their clothes to reveal their various corporeal shapes and sink into thermal baths. There are about a dozen Turkish baths with blue pools that have been an integral part of Budapest for years thanks to the Ottoman Turks and to the naturally occurring hot springs underneath Budapest.

Inside, a great arched foyer greets you with classical white female nudes inlaid in mosiac walls. Men and women have separate sections and separate pools. The women have a single pool surrounded by baroque decorations and neoclassic columns along the walls and decks. The men have two smaller pools each with water temperatures at different degrees.

The walls and ceiling are also tiled in dark blue punctuated with larger relief tiles that have a scarab motif to them. During the summer months Gellert has a beautiful enormous outdoor pool for both genders. Most people come with one or two friends so there was the sound of voices echoing from the high glass ceiling.

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Off to one side was a very hot very steam room that was hard to be in for more than a few minutes and the dense hot wet air made it difficult to breath. The ambience is relaxed, sociable and without the edgy eroticism of a gay setting. Who looks longer? My third bathhouse visit, via the efficient subway system, was across town to the Sczechenyi baths in the middle of a city park. Sczechenyi appears as if it were built for a kaiser or king—huge, ornate, palatial, with at least half a dozen pools. The largest was about 50 meter long with two large half-round pools about 20m across on either end.

The entry hall is domed and regal, with a water fountain of carved mythological half-fish-half-human bodies. It feels as if you are entering a museum or a sculpture garden. Like most patrons in Turkish baths the people here were of indolent mood, wading or sitting some playing chess on plastic boards or bobbing like herds of lazy seals waiting for the next feeding. A few swam slow laps. It was definitely not a place for serious athletes. There were men and women together, everyone in swimsuits.

It looked like a scene from a Fellini film about la dolce vita. Also spread across the city are dozens of swimming pools in pool complexes that offer twelve to fifteen hours a day of water sports, swimming, water polo and water aerobics. Hungary dominates water polo in Europe; this preeminence is built on nationwide age-group swim programs that starts training kids about the age of ten and goes up to masters over 25 and beyond.

From early morning to late night thousands of Bucharesti tote their swim caps, Speedos and kick boards to their favorite pool, some escorted by polo moms. This is one of the pools that the LGBT sports group Atlasz uses for their club training several times a week. Immediately adjacent to the outdoor pool is the Csaszar Hotel left which I chose because of the pool. I like a workout before breakfast.

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  8. This hotel felt as if it were on a seacoast, given the enormous size of the pool. The public has access from 6 AM to 6 PM, then the place is taken over by several water polo teams. For those of us who exercise regularly travel is a serious disruption, so it was a great delight to have a huge pool within meters of my room.

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    The mythical plot is a fairy tale of a sleeping princess who is awakened after a hundred years by shining knight who then marries her. An unlikely story but with beautiful music and world class dancing. Compared to most former Eastern-Bloc countries, Hungary is quite liberal in this topic.

    Many lesbian couples actually hold hands in the street. There was a video made by a very famous internet news site when two guys held hands and walked through the streets from outer-central Budapest towards the centre.

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    It took an hour. There were many people in the street, it was by day. They received one bad word during the experience, and that too rather from the distance and not loud. Other than that, no-one cared. Some people even stepped to them and congratulated. Men and women both. This is pretty much what I saw there too. My lesbian friends who work at Hungarian-owned companies say that their collegues are not very welcoming with gays, maybe they accept lesbians. However, when they dare to open up, no collegue would ever dare to be hostile with them.

    In the end of the day, they tolerate or even accept it. This is typical for the more conservative part of the society. And the other part is more open-minded. At companies with foreign background, there are tons of gay employees, also openly gay team-leaders. Note that there were more than 20 participants at Budapest Pride marches the last two years. Budapest has several gay-friendly venues and central Budapest has a pub-culture where no-one cares if two guys would kiss each other. In the past few years there is a huge media-voice of any happening when a policeman or a politician or a shop-owner does something that would suggest they acted homophobic.

    Just look at how hostile the media is towards our government, who are conservative in their ideas. Austria accepted to same law only now….

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    From the outer spectator, they act weird really often. So, it might be hard to be gay, but it is harder to open up and be a self-confident person now that the society is more open-minded. So, it is also a bit about your own efforts how well you accept yourself and try to be just like everyone else, but that is a whole other topic. And I am gay. VNoire Age: Hungary , , Budapest. I am looking for a man. I am new to this but very interested to explore alone with a man or with my wife as well.

    I am artistic and open to new things and sexual combinations. I would like to start out slowly and see how things develop. Hungary , Alabama , Budapest. Hungarian gay dating: