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Some of us can shut out our emotions. Regardless, you're bound to fall into some of the well-worn trappings that are part and parcel of breakups. All that said, here's how to avoid becoming another dumped-or-dumpee stereotype and alleviate that sniffly, unnecessary suffering when it becomes clear that the man of your dreams was just another person who didn't know how to wash the dishes properly ugh , never took out the trash who's the real trash here?

Listen to Dua Lipa neither the first nor the last time we'll say that, so get comfortable. Put your phone down right now or, if you're reading this on your phone, once you're done, please and thanks, appreciate your patronage. So a little louder, for those in the back: Given that we queers like to stick together, it's likely that you and your ex-boyfriend's circle of friends will integrate. Figuring out those friendships post-breakup is a pain in the ass. Likely, there'll be a custody battle.

If you're looking for a clean break and really don't want that shady thing you said about your ex getting back to him, it might be worth figuring out who's truly your friend from the mishmashed mob. Either that or you could be bold and ghost the whole lot of them.

Why not? It's your damn life. If it fits you and you like it, there's no reason not to keep it, full stop. Just because your relationship is over doesn't mean you need to give him back his sweater—unless he asks for it. Then it's just bad manners to keep it hostage, we suppose. Your account must be older than 7 days and have at least 50 comment karma to post. All title-related infractions will result in a 3 day ban for the first offense, subsequent offenses will have progressively longer bans.

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