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My wife fell pregnant first and if people were shocked when they found it, they hid it well. This may be because most of the Chinese people I work with are at least somewhat westernised or it may be due to Chinese culture and not wanting to lose face or cause me any embarrassment.

What’s It Like To Be Gay In China?

We went to an international doctors too, so there was no problem there. My eldest son Ezra was born in the UK where myself and my wife stayed for a couple of months before flying back to China. We decided to start for a second baby straight away, knowing it can take a long time to get pregnant by insemination. This is where life became slightly more difficult. The issue was with bureaucracy. This was a bitter pill to swallow. The team of Chinese doctors we had at the hospital were also slightly more confused at the situation then the western doctors we had at the international clinic but we understood this, it was a cultural thing.

The real annoyance came with applying for a visa for Byron. In order to leave China to move back to the UK, Byron would need a visa. Eventually, they decided that letters from both the fertility clinic we used in Denmark and from the sperm bank in the US would be sufficient and a visa was granted!

It was very hard work but it was a situation that was ultimately solvable and by far the most difficult situation we faced here due to our sexuality. China is full of ups and downs, of difficult situations and of incredible experiences. No matter what complication arises, everything is ultimately solvable and there is no reason big enough to not come here and take in everything this amazing culture has to offer. And yes, as a Chinese person, you may face restrictions based upon family expectations but from what I understand, things are slowly improving.

There is more and more of a gay scene here with bars like Adams popping up in areas especially popular with foreigners. There is a large underground gay scene in Beijing, especially for men, but there are also some gay nightclubs and you will see gay couples walking around the streets holding hands. We give plenty of handy information on learning Chinese , useful apps to learn the language and everything going on at our LTL schools! Sign up below and become part of our ever growing community! He has lived in China for over 15 years and has a huge passion for all things China.

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Pre-order the best local SIM card now to have it waiting for you in Shanghai when you arrive. Completely different from a typical Starbucks, the interior design is a work of art and will have you Instagramming for days. A temple to coffee and modernity — Even if you hate Starbucks, you really should take a peak inside.

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For a city of its size, Gay Shanghai has a relatively limited array of nightlife — though still enough to satisfy queer travelers no matter what they are looking for. Depending on your mood you can find anything here from a relaxed cocktail in an upscale bar to an all-night dance rave surrounded by your queer family! New gay clubs and bars in Shanghai are continually opening and closing, but at the moment these are the most popular nightlife spots, gay bars, and gay clubs in Shanghai for travelers and locals. Then why not get a sensual male massage in Shanghai — there are plenty of options!

Here are top recommended gay spas in Shanghai and male massage Shanghai options though there are other gay massage places in Shanghai, we have heard mixed reviews about the rest. Take home a hot guy or a hot memory, not an STD. Besides, you never know what other fun surprises your trip might have in store for you…. Please update us if anything changes. Now you're all set and prepared to explore our big queer world, why not sort out everything else out all in one go?

If necessary for your travel plans make sure you have brought proper travel insurance , protected your privacy by getting a secure VPN , compared all the top hotel booking sites to find just what you're after, reserved an unbeatable rental car price and - of course - booked the best flight deals!

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Or maybe just forget it all and go for a last minute cruise or effortless tour instead? Many gay travelers including us indulge in worldwide airport lounge access and pre-arrange airport transfers to take the stress out of travel. Just add an adventurous attitude and plenty of smiles - they go a long way - and that about covers it all!

Now go out, find your global rainbow family and don't forget to share your best gay stories with us on Facebook , Twitter , and Instagram We'd love to hear from you! Order in the court! Its Oh.

Gay Shanghai Guide: Blued and Grindr are the most popular hook-up app currently used by gay men in Shanghai. You will not be able to access many Western websites in mainland China, so we strongly recommend you set up a high-quality VPN on your phone before you go to protect your privacy, to remain anonymous and to keep access to your favorite websites and apps.

Shanghai Gay Personals

In this article we will cover Attractions in Shanghai China. Naturally, a city the size of Shanghai has plenty more to explore! As Shanghai is one of the most progressive and gay-friendly cities in China, most quality hotels in Shanghai can be considered gay-friendly, and none of our readers will likely experience issues — after all being gay-friendly is not all about upscale luxury, but about providing friendly service and welcoming everyone with open arms! Having said that, everyone likes to be surrounded by people with common interests, and as such there are a few well-known gay-friendly hotels in Shanghai that are hot spots for gay travelers to stay — either because of their location near gay clubs in Shanghai or their design and inclusive vibes.

We have separated them into our favorite hotels and those closest to the Gay Shanghai triangle if your only interest is the gay nightlife in Shanghai.