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Either that or their pic is from when they were hot back in A dead giveaway. What are you looking for? I wanna see the receipts Yeah but what about Scruff? More From Thought Catalog.

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Follow Thought Catalog. Bogdanoff Brothers An ironic conspiracy theory about a pair of French celebrities. The meme is that they are secretly the masterminds and leaders of the alt-right they are not. Bogpilled To become aware "pilled," a term derived from "redpilled," described below of the Bogdanoff brothers.

This is extremely jokey and ironic, and involves pretending that Donald Trump alluded to the conspiracy when he said the phrase "bogged down in conflict all over the place" in a speech. Centipedes A self-adopted term for some Trump supporters. Cuck Short for "cuckold," or a person who watches someone have sex with their significant other.

It's the most common insult among the online far-right. Dark Enlightenment An anti-democratic philosophy that believes in a return to monarchism, traditional gender roles, rejection of egalitarianism, and a libertarian economic model. Discord A popular chat application for far-right groups.

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Feelsman meme A black-and-white cartoon man who is the victim of Pepe the Frog's pranks. Feelsman is a sad loser, a beta to Pepe's alpha. The name "feels guys" comes from the meme's early beginnings when his sad face would mean "know that feel, bro. Gassed A term for "blocked" or "banned.

God Emperor A nickname for Donald Trump. These terms get used a lot in the forums and subreddits to describe pickup artists and men's rights activists, who are known as the "manosphere.

20 Hilarious Gay Sex Memes That’ll Make You Laugh Your Ass Off

Kek A replacement for "LOL. The joke is that Pepe is a modern incarnation of Kek, and fans of Pepe worship him.

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The word has been revived by the alt-right to describe the mainstream media as purveyors of fake news. Meme Magic A term for when the influence of internet memes breaks through and causes real life consequences.

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The day after the election, 4chan users described getting President Trump elected as an example of "meme magic. Moon Man A giant moonfaced guy from a s McDonald's ad campaign, now a racist symbol, partly because of the fact that he looks a little bit like he's wearing a KKK hood. For years, it kicked around as a low-level meme where the Moon Man was combined with rap songs, but it gained steam recently by becoming completely racist.

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The absurdity of an obscure fast-food ad swearing allegiance to the KKK is not lost on the alt-right. The irony is thick here, but so is the actual racism. Neoreactionism or NRx An alt-right ideology variation. As Rosie Gray describes in The Atlantic , "the alt-right can be seen as a political movement; neoreaction, which adherents refer to as NRx, is a philosophy.

At the core of that philosophy is a rejection of democracy and an embrace of autocratic rule. New Balance Comfortable sneakers. During the election, the CEO of New Balance came out with a pro-Trump statement, which made the neo-Nazi site the Daily Stormer declare them "the official shoe of white people.

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Pepe the Frog The meme that launched a thousand Twitter blocks. A cartoon smiling frog created innocuously by comic artist Matt Furie that has, over time, become the official mascot of far-right extremism in the US and parts of Europe. Redpilled A reference to Neo choosing to see the truth by taking the "red pill" from Morpheus in The Matrix. Hidden categories: Year of introduction missing. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.